how you know it’s official. (and gives me butterflies)

speakeasycalI’m pretty excited and can’t wait to get this thing going. I’ve already heard interest sparked between peoples all over the town. (well, from my word of mouth anyway)



I’m going to write a bag write now, or I will be miserable tomorrow morning.


winningsThis is a picture of the first time I won something at the Mirage. I don’t actually plan on doing anything with it. I may even frame it. All I know is I won 6.50$ by putting a dollar into the poker machine and asking it to start.

That’s a pretty amazing feat that modern man is capable of. I’m a bit saddened that everyone told me to steer clear of an actual poker table. but I guess, I wouldn’t have this cool little print out of 6.50 regardless.

On the TL;DL podcast episode “30th Anniversary Special” I talked more about the Vegas trip but only at the beginning. more or less the stuff that you’ve already read on the blog.

Here’s an adorable video of a little girl singing to Pearl Jam:

IT’S SO ADORABLE! KIDS ARE SO CUTE! I would write children’s books for my kids ALL THE TIME. and… play awesome music for them just as much!

Can we all agree, that the whole Google Glass thing is actually pretty fucking dumb? I don’t mean that to be mean. But there’s a point where technology tries to hard to get ahead of itself. Especially with the most shallow things possible. It’s bad enough that they put cameras on everything But now I can take a picture and post it to Facebook with voice commands and over-obvious winks. It’s making me starting to become my father even faster.

I break shades easy enough as it is, 1,600$ of douche-baggery is not something I’m going to want on my christmas list.

GladOSThis is a picture of the most reblogged thing that I’ve done on Funkchop apparently. But I like it for completely different reasons that other people might.

Halftone patterns were a common occurrence in the days of black and white print. The spacing and location of the dots, where the thing that added to the detail (considering it’s monochrome nature) and still kept it Print friendly.

I think it may have something do with the bleeding of the ink. Which to be honest, is something that makes Dot Matrix printers so great being that is their specialty. But I may be talking out of my ass, drinking and all.

The oldest water found on Earth is 2.6 billion years old. A bit of a bold statement, but hey! Anything for science!

Whelp, before I go here’s some insight to what even I feel from time to time.

Efing Podcast E02

efingpodcastlogoEven with a fuck load of BLAH, the show must go on. (you can also time stamp it to this blog when you hear about my weekend. lawl.)

Episode 02 of our show’s podcast is online: Here’s the link to the website. It’s a little less nonsense, this time around as we talk a hell of a lot more about the show then we did in the first podcast.

So please listen, please support! knowing that we have an audience helps us with our inspiration and drive. So if you like it, spread the love~

What a week.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2011, it was Vancouver vs. Boston. I insisted that Bron and I find a venue outside to watch the game. We settled on Canada place, and sat on the street, nuzzled side-by-side hurting our necks a bit staring straight up and the large monitor infront of us.

The crowd was gigantic. I guess we were lucky enough to find a place to actually sit down, hundreds of Canucks fans cheering on the local team. Not I though, I was a Bruins fan. It was an exciting game to watch, and as the final period was over, and the Bruins won the game! So Bron and I made sure to get the hell out of there before the Riot started. I think trials for those idiots that took part in it are still going on. Hell, some of them haven’t paid attention to their sentence and are making it worse for themselves.

But that’s not the point of this story.

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The first of (maybe) many

Follow this link to listen to a podcast which is a pretty clear idea of what our meetings sound like. It’s an experiment, it’s content, and I hope you enjoy it. It’s a little language-y but it’s surprisingly funny, because it was really fun.

And if you do like it, support it, because while we are working on the panel show, with something like this, you know that we are capable of so much more.

this is all sorts of not good.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about Rehtaeh Parsons, and I hate that we live in a world like shit like this exists. The act of the four boys is disgusting. Both in what they did to her, and the fact that they distributed it like it was a goddamn trophy.

Wether they’re minors at the time, is unacceptable. Why would you–how could you write something like that off? No minor should even have it in their head that it’s totally cool to rape somebody and pass it around the internet. No minor would have any intention to destroy the life of a girl with so much heart, just because they saw something on 4chan, or reddit, or whatever anonymous community over the internet, and thought “hey, this is totally acceptable.”

It offends me not only as a grown man, but as a human being. I would hope that any parent takes a look at that and starts paying a little more attention to their child’s lives.

When I was in high school, I was with a girl who was really into me, about the time I was done and graduated and ready to move to Edmonton, a guy comes into town that she thought was totally cool. The become friends through school. He seemed like an alright guy as well.

Within the year and I was in Edmonton, I heard a story about how him and a bunch of his buddies got her drunk and then raped her. I was furious, But I’m living in a city 16 hours away and as much as our relationship was fizzling, I couldn’t help but wish I was over there and do something about it.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have someone you know have that happen to them, and then have that act passed around the internet. I imagine I would have lost myself in the anger. As much as I get upset about the shit in my life now, I would not be able to muster any kind of response other than rage. It’s disgusting, it’s unacceptable, and it’s not a world I want around for any future children.

Because as much as it’s nice that Anonymous wants to find justice for the whole thing, you know there’s other people out there which you could associate with them, asking if anyone has the pictures.

just… ugh.. god. rant over.


too much ranting….