Glory be.

New Years always have new things happening to Old people in New ways. Some thing that used to be far beyond my own comprehension, is the act of exercise.

I know, I know, you look at me and you think “PSH, You have the Body of a Grey Hound.”

Then I’m all “..But the Posture of of the Elderly.”

Let’s face facts here Kids, I’m out of Shape. I WASN’T WHEN I WAS A CHILD, but I sure as hell am now. One night (Saturday, January 8th to be exact) the love of my life tells me she’s going to participate in the ‘SUN RUN’ This year. Having only hear of it, I asked if that was the one where you run naked. She and Tyler (my friend) laughed at my ignorance and kept at it still I basically stopped them and wanted to know for serious. Getting my details Straight and my facts IN CHECK. I reluctantly said I would love to participate as well.

I’m either on the right track or a Complete moron, but I will say the Former. This Page should be Dedicated to the fact that I need to get back into shape. I do not plan on Updating it constantly, but having it on my blog will peer into my SOUL as a constant reminder that I must be active.

I blame my Girlfriend (it’s because she’s good for me.)

Tack one (2k)
Original Set time: 13:00:00 (1 Lap) 01/09/11
Can I do better: Maybe

Track two (I don’t knowK)

Original Set Time: 42:27.16 (1 Lap) 1/18/11
Can I do better: Oh god I hope so.

Track Two (short track 2k?)
Original Set Time: 15:36.77 (1 Lap) 1/26/11
Can I do better: probably?


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