tragedy is terrible, but the people can still be embraced.

I kind of wonder if it’s in poor taste that I want to write something on a blog that takes soapboxing about ones personal life for granted. I’ve already filled up with such a mixed assortment of emotions that the weekend had allowed, but I guess it feels appropriate to talk about some things when they happen.

I first caught wind of it, walking out of Langara taking a test to further my acceptance, ticking off one more notch the the future I know I am capable of. When I first read about it, I stayed on my twitter feed, draining about 67% of it’s battery life. The irony hurt my chest as I witnessed the loss, of one of the very few people I respect, in the field that I could have possibly been taking the test for.

It sucks because he was amazingly talented, and far too young to be taken away. But in some of the last moments of his life, he was the happiest person that anyone could ever be. He was himself, he was in his element. Sure it’s a tragedy when someone who is such a tremendous inspiration to many passes, but he was an incredibly happy soul and that’s what everyone will remember.

It’s stuff like that which I can’t help but think that life is too short to be bitter about, and if you are really confident and set on your path then you go out and do it. I love, I aspire for that, I control what I can for myself, and I always encourage others to meet me half way.

I would prefer to cut this short before I start making it about me, but he was a man that can inspire anyone to be themselves. That’s something that is a little harder for me to accomplish. I’ve only ever been myself when I’m surrounded by the people I love. That’s just how I function. On my own, I worry too much and I work too hard to get back to everything that makes me happy in the first place.

But I know if anything, that the day has taught me to keep being in pursuit of whatever it is that makes you the happiest in life. It’s the stuff that I’ve been complaining about forever. But I pursue it, because I know it’ll stop being the stuff I complain about, and once again be the stuff that helps me be myself, and hopefully be just as much of an inspiration as this man was before me.


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