and the pilot was a wrap.

This panel show since October has been a labour of love for me. We’ve spent all those months working on game after game, concept after concept.

There were times where we’ve just lost interest. A lot of times where we had no idea what we’re doing. But in the end we gave ourselves a month to pull a show out of our ass. We did it. I slaved away at the content for the show on my own, but we did it.

It’s stuff like this that makes me really happy you know. I’ve been in this for 4+ years and there’s never been a part of me that gave up. I know what I’m capable of. The cool, awesome, imaginative, thought-provoking things. The entertainment in conversation. knowledge. Fun.

If anything, we filmed it. it’ll be edited and put online.

Thanks for everything so far.

speakeasyssssswe’ll get working on making another one right away that will blow our pilot out of the WATER.


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