I’m going to write a bag write now, or I will be miserable tomorrow morning.


winningsThis is a picture of the first time I won something at the Mirage. I don’t actually plan on doing anything with it. I may even frame it. All I know is I won 6.50$ by putting a dollar into the poker machine and asking it to start.

That’s a pretty amazing feat that modern man is capable of. I’m a bit saddened that everyone told me to steer clear of an actual poker table. but I guess, I wouldn’t have this cool little print out of 6.50 regardless.

On the TL;DL podcast episode “30th Anniversary Special” I talked more about the Vegas trip but only at the beginning. more or less the stuff that you’ve already read on the blog.

Here’s an adorable video of a little girl singing to Pearl Jam:

IT’S SO ADORABLE! KIDS ARE SO CUTE! I would write children’s books for my kids ALL THE TIME. and… play awesome music for them just as much!

Can we all agree, that the whole Google Glass thing is actually pretty fucking dumb? I don’t mean that to be mean. But there’s a point where technology tries to hard to get ahead of itself. Especially with the most shallow things possible. It’s bad enough that they put cameras on everything But now I can take a picture and post it to Facebook with voice commands and over-obvious winks. It’s making me starting to become my father even faster.

I break shades easy enough as it is, 1,600$ of douche-baggery is not something I’m going to want on my christmas list.

GladOSThis is a picture of the most reblogged thing that I’ve done on Funkchop apparently. But I like it for completely different reasons that other people might.

Halftone patterns were a common occurrence in the days of black and white print. The spacing and location of the dots, where the thing that added to the detail (considering it’s monochrome nature) and still kept it Print friendly.

I think it may have something do with the bleeding of the ink. Which to be honest, is something that makes Dot Matrix printers so great being that is their specialty. But I may be talking out of my ass, drinking and all.

The oldest water found on Earth is 2.6 billion years old. A bit of a bold statement, but hey! Anything for science!

Whelp, before I go here’s some insight to what even I feel from time to time.


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