bury my soul in chips.

Before I went down I asked people the question, “What is the most family friendly way to ruin my soul?”

Turns out, all I have to do is go to a wedding.

I think the statement “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” is what it is, because that is the trashiest place that I’ve ever been to. So I guess if you want to enjoy Vegas on it’s level you have to behave in a way that you know you never would in Every day society.

Luckily I’m more responsible of a person then that. But with that in mind, I did indulge here and there. It’s just, Vegas is such an expensive place. Food, drinks, they’ll even make as much money they can off of breathing. (probably because the air is gross.)

wedding01But I was there for a wedding, so I cleaned up nice and humoured the family.

Which was ok, the drinks were free so I always had a beer in my hand and was pressured into so many shots. By the end of the night I was dancing on a chair to YMCA (family tradition apparently. Everyone seemed to know this but me.)

And I was also a black guy for the rest of the evening. It was a funny joke then, but when it plays out for the rest of the weekend you just think “Aw, HELL.”

I’m happy for my sister, I hesitate at the idea of having a Wedding in Vegas because not everybody likes the idea of being made of money. But hey, the country club was nice.

The Next day My other sister and her family went out for a day of Adventure. First stop was the Hoover Dam.

hooverdam01 hooverdam02 hooverdam03

I didn’t really take that many pictures, because of being deathly afraid of heights. but it was pretty cool, because of the size of the structure and how they made it. Working around and through the rocks this GARGANTUAN structure to keep water at bay, which sadly, is pretty friggin low now a days, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before that lake dries up and there will be no other need for the damn other than being a tourist attraction.

Later on the whole family checked out the Pinball Hall of Fame.

pinball09 pinball08 pinball07 pinball06 pinball05 pinball04 pinball03 pinball02 pinball01

That was a cool time. According to them it was the best 5 dollars ever spent in Vegas. I haven’t really been around Pinball machines since I was a wee lad in Flin Flon, so my brother-in-Law Ian and I made sure to make it that way and check it out.

My favorite part is, my niece Ember was totally into it. It kind of blows me away sometimes when kids really like the stuff that I thought was totally awesome when i was young. It puts it into a nice perspective.

Actually it was just great that we spent the whole day as a family. I don’t think I really know how much that shit was important to me. When I look towards someone like Bron I don’t just look towards her I ended up looking towards the family as a whole. I would always want to be cool to everyone, help out her mom, have so much interest in what her dad thinks is cool, chill with the bros.

I love that stuff.

When we went for diner, Ian was telling me how much he appreciates that I was the only uncle that really paid any attention to his kids. I thought that was awesome. Kids are in a process of shaping. and if I can be someone for them to look up to keep them safe and responsible while still being cooler than her parents (hahaha) then it’s stuff like that which keeps me interested in life and love and family and happiness and all that stuff.

The bummer is that, it reminds me of Bron because she is the right one.


so the next day, was the day that I had to leave late at night, so the whole time was taken easy. Which apparently meant gambling.

gamble01 gamble02 gamble03 gamble04

I brushed up on my poker skills because I really wanted to try them out. But everybody was telling me that going to the tables was incredibly dangerous and that I should just play the machines.

So my mother and I sat around for most of the downtime on Monday and watched our money disappear. I won big (relatively speaking) and I kept one as a souvenir. But the one that I’m the most proud of, is the poker machine that lets you play 10 hands at once. The machine kept giving me a pair of aces, and you win big if you get 4 aces in a row. So I kept playing for that.

There was a math to it that made me think it was bound to happen. down to my last 50 cents, I managed to get it (pictured here for proof) and I more or less won my money back and then some.

I took that as my big win and called it quits for the rest of the day.

So now I’m back home, I don’t really know how I feel about Las Vegas as a vacation destination because in reality it is the skanky-ist city I’ve ever set foot on (The Strip at night, is the worst.) But being with family made it a better experience. I’m happy to be back, though the weekend has caught up to me, so I’m taking it easy today.

And now I go back to this life. This strange life of waiting for someone. it bums me out, because I had my moment of ridiculous drunken blogging that laid it all out in a truthful manner that she’ll never see, and I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I hate getting that perspective I need, that I seem to be the only one paying attention to. Life is too short to be miserable about the ones you love, and have insane attitudes towards the ones that care about you. I love what I love and I need what I need, and there was a lot of what happened in Vegas that tells me this, and I honestly wished she was there. Because between him and I? I’m serious about life in the ways that matter.

Oh yeah, and here’s another picture of me in a suit.



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