What a week.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2011, it was Vancouver vs. Boston. I insisted that Bron and I find a venue outside to watch the game. We settled on Canada place, and sat on the street, nuzzled side-by-side hurting our necks a bit staring straight up and the large monitor infront of us.

The crowd was gigantic. I guess we were lucky enough to find a place to actually sit down, hundreds of Canucks fans cheering on the local team. Not I though, I was a Bruins fan. It was an exciting game to watch, and as the final period was over, and the Bruins won the game! So Bron and I made sure to get the hell out of there before the Riot started. I think trials for those idiots that took part in it are still going on. Hell, some of them haven’t paid attention to their sentence and are making it worse for themselves.

But that’s not the point of this story.

The thing that I’ve wanted to mention is that I’ve always had a soft spot for the east coast, particularly Boston. I’ve always imagined myself moving there whenever it is that I have a career to show for. It’s culture and people always fascinated me as a child.

The shit that went down at the Boston Marathon really bummed me out. Well, I’m sure it bummed a lot of people out. There’s now a Parade on Saturday in Surrey, and a Sun Run on Sunday in Vancouver that will have more security because for the people, the thought of going out to big events like that have agitated them a little bit. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there are those out there that would Mock up a scare. (Because Monkey see Monkey do right?) There was already a Mock scare that happened at the food court in the Metrotown mall this afternoon.

The fascinating thing about all this was ‘how well’ it was handled with News Media. CNN jumping the gun on a ‘suspect found.’ The news, and twitter, updating the internet about information from the Police scanner, putting the officers in danger at real time. There’s only so much that you should do, as an innocent bystander. ( which should never involve attacking those who are innocent, out of knee-jerk anger)

It makes me wonder what I would want out of Journalism, not just as a viewer, but as someone that could be in that position of reporting the danger as it happens. It got to the point where the police had to turn off their scanners, because News outlets wouldn’t respect their distance. MSNBC reading it out on air, scanner goes dark and they wonder why “I guess they’re busy.” Busy finding a suspect and ensuring the safety for those around them, yes.

But I really applaud the city of Boston as a whole, for how the whole week was handled. When those bombs went off, people ran towards the danger to help those in danger. The man, who now has no legs, became conscious ready to ID suspects. When the manhunt began, the police covered block after block, people kept themselves safe, nobody tried to be a hero.

But with those who rushed to help victims, the support for the city over social-media, and such things like the support for the city at a Bruins game, the spirit of the city stayed alive! Because of all this, suspect two was found in a boat, with nowhere else to go.

Now I’m watching a press-conference because, because it’s one of the very few things that should be paid attention to when hearing the news, straight from the people living it. Especially when it comes to 24 hour news channels, everything else just seems to be filler.

Also, to mention the explosion that happened in a Fertilizer plant in West, TX. and a wave of bombings that happened in Iraq this week as well. It was a bummer of a week for the world, and Tragedy can strike in waves when you never want it to. It can bring us down, and we can struggle with the pain, but good things can always come out of life when you let them happen.

It was one hell of week, and I hope we will all have a fun and safe weekend.


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