Mr. Pope-er’s penguins


Pope John Paul II, is the only pope with any sort of cultural significance to me. This very legitimate Marvel comic at the top of this blog post is something that was always sitting in the Roman-Catholic church where I spent my Saturdays learning about the word of god.

Dude took two bullets and still managed to have a lot of life left to live years later. But as it goes, whenever I think of the word Pope, John Paul II is the only one that comes to mind. Soon after his passing Benedict comes into play, which never really thought anything of it except for the fact that people seemed to be making a big deal about it. I think the big controversy at the time was that he was a nazi child? The Hitler youth angle caused people to knee-jerk, but his family resented the Nazis. “The Hitler youth” was a requirement by law when you hit 14 years of age. Those were just the times he lived in.

But I think Benedict’s run was still pretty interesting, as the internet was growing faster than it should, Benedict and the Vatican itself kept saying a lot of things that were being held against them, just because the world was growing to be cynical at every step. I should know this, because I wrote a lot of the articles back when Efing Media was a news blog.

But now we have a newer pope, which I’m kind of hoping can have some significance to me as much as John Paul II was, not that I’m asking myself to follow the vatican, but because I just want to see the old world evolve with the rest of us.

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, already holds some significance for being the first non-european pope, as he hails from Argentina. Also apparently is considered to be a straight shooter that “calls ’em like he sees ’em” The Vatican’s first straight up non-bullshitter? maybe.

So he walks out in-front of hundreds of Pope-fest-ers of all shapes, sizes and colours and says:

“As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of Rome, it seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosed one who is from faraway. … Here I am. I would like to thank you for your embrace.”

Frankly, I’m just as excited to see twitter ablaze with commentary, the comedians make jokes, the social media kids get social, and frankly, this is the first time I haven’t seen a consistent flow of children tweeting about how they don’t care. Maybe my filters are better than I think? maybe the world is actually interested in this stuff.

I feel as though there really is some significance here, after all, with every new pope there is a chance to grow, at some point the old world will stop being so old. Maybe an Argentinian pope is the first step in acknowledging that?



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