Generation what?


There’s this thing that recently showed up on the CBC website, which appears to be an online magazine of sorts geared towards 20-30 somethings in Canada. A made For/By kind of thing. Frankly it’s a bit of an open forum for the news that would matter to that generation.

Gearing myself to feel more like a Humanitarian in my older self, I just wanted to check it out. Good fun reads by people that actually have things to say. Which later on, there happened to be a poll underneath the mag full of questions asked and answered by the same people reading/writing the magazine.

100s of questions I sat through, out of sheer boredom curiosity. One of them managed to catch my eye, “Are we really the generation of entitlement?” or something like that.

If you know me I would say a LARGE RESOUNDING YES. so I mentioned it on twitter, and @CBCcommunity caught the tweet and invited me to participate in an open forum, live on the internet.

I couldn’t help but think how awesome that seems, so I made sure to make some time for the 7pm eastern Radio Show.

But during the time, I had nothing to say.

There’s a specific generation that I belong to. I’m to young to be a Generation Xer and far to old (mentally more than anything) to be a Gen Y kid. regardless of which ever generation I was actually born into, I don’t belong to either specific group. Hell, I don’t really think I belong to anything. I always feel like I’m some sort of social anomaly. Years ago, I found my place with a wonderful human being. But now I’m stuck getting that life back, because I need it if I even want to properly be myself. I seem to always get stuck in a shitty downward spiral of talking about it, though it should never be a time and a place to do so.

That being said, I always have a lot of ideas and opinions, and because I’m always so alone in the world 100% of the time, I always think I’m right.

Jesus, I could probably argue that I am all the time anyway.

So anyway, I participate in this open forum with people that are clearly younger than me. engineers and CBC employees, people that couldn’t find a job after graduation so they build a website to help other kids find jobs (as someone said in the open forum yesterday “That’s so meta”)

I didn’t want to say anything, I just sat there and listened to people talk. It wouldn’t have been my place to. If I went there to talk about how we’re the age of entitled, then I would have felt entitled to talk about it. But it’s a weird disconnect, because what makes us entitled in the first place is because we have use the internet.

The internet makes us believe that we can do anything as a viable career choice. Look at the people that start a business out of memes, cat pictures, and animated gifs. Those are the shittiest people in the world because they’re exploiting some of the dumbest parts of the internet to live. People that sit in front of their webcams for a living, because they’re obnoxious enough to call themselves ‘social media wizards’ are just as bad. I’m going to start getting cynical. because that’s what a lot of young people do with their lives.

That’s what I would have been talking about, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. There was a different agenda in that open forum, is was legitimate work-force white collar type jobs. That’s still the ideal. That’s what we’re all conditioned to think we want. which it’s hard to say no, right? I’m an arts kid, I always will be. Working in Film and Television is my destiny. I’m not going to exploit the problems of the #SaveBCFILM to kids that are all in a completely different career path than I.

I like that stuff though, I encourage it. It’s conversation, it’s growth. It’s cool. Do I belong there with those people? No. To them, I’d be a grumpy old man feeling entitled to a job in a career that I’ve spent far too long in.

So instead, I’ll save conversation with that show for when I actually have something to promote. So please, when Speakeasy is done finding the right people for the job and rehearsing. Enjoy what I’ve been working hard to create.


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