bag 13


(bron, I honestly hope you got the email invite.)

Let’s just do another one of these. I mean, let’s just ride the momentum of strange enthusiasm to type and see where it takes us. I figure I’m going to number these again, I could be wrong honestly, but we’ll just say that this is number 13, there’s been enough…

I guess my allergies are coming back something fierce this year. I was good for the longest time until whatever happened last year that it just unleashed itself upon my body. But the eyes get red and the nose/roof of my mouth are getting itchy. Safe to say it’s happening.

But I like the outside, this isn’t fair.


This is what I ate today. I deliberately took a stupid picture with instagram so I can use the filter and blog about food.

I’m such a food jerk.

In all seriousness, pierogies are a wonderful food. I can never spell the word pierogi properly, which seems as such to be an insult to my heritage. I kind of miss the home style ones, just because store bought crap like this never seems to cut it. Maybe the idea that you do the dough and the mashed potatoes from scratch makes you feel all the more fuller. In truth though it was just plain ass pierogies on a tiny plate, the dill flakes were just added for dramatic effect. I’m still pretty hungry.


For the most part, I still can’t win anything from this stupid coffee game for the life of me. Perhaps I should just stop while I’m ahead and ween myself away from coffee dependancy. I already feel like I kind of am some days. Being mentally exhausted is one thing, from all the stuff I find myself doing and keeping track of, but I guarantee coffee is becoming a HUGE factor in my tiredness. Maybe I ought to make the jump to tea (strictly). maybe I should just not drink anything that has any amount of caffeine in it for a while. It may not wake me up, but it sure makes me tired.

I caught myself thinking about the Body Break theme song all day. For those who may not know, it’s this old set of commercial bumpers that promoted an active and healthy lifestyle. The theme song itself was very upbeat and positive. Much to my surprise though, body break is still a thing, and they also have a website. Hal and Joanne still kicking about, doing their thing after all these years, actually gets me pretty excited.

Music or lose it (Why the hell is this a thing?)

So there’s this game I want to play all over the internet. And I specifically want to call it “music or lose it” for some reason. How it works is that you have to think of a song, and then you have to search youtube for the most amazing / or terrible cover of the song you’re thinking of. Here’s an example:

Amazing cover right? I friggin love this song now. I know it’s old but it’s amazing. But for the sake of it all, this would be an example of a terrible cover:

So I hope you now understand why I’m calling it music or lose it. It’s a fun game to play but it’s surprisingly hard to find the cover that would be the most unique. There’s too much acoustic versions of songs out there and not enough interesting/crazy/out-there songs that you’d want the internet to have.

well y’know it’s better to have fun in talking about that kind of stuff than to bring up and explain the problem with ignorant homophobic slam poetry.

For crap sakes, I forgot to add this:

cliffnotesSo, is this just for me, or has Spam become a little more polite lately? it’s programmed cluster of words just seems to come off more friendly as of late (all for some reason attaching themselves to that ‘cliff notes’ post and usually going under the user name that suggests they have a way to get my ex back.

Yeah spam sure, I’d like that. But you’re just… just not the way. No matter how nice you may sound.


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