Grabbiton Baggersmith (what number of grab bag is this?)

It’s been a while since I’ve done these. Within terrible reason excuse. A year of having zero enthusiasm to write something fun can really just happen. I have my reasons.

How about we just get into it?

photo 1Sometimes I get into that mood that my iPhone4S (I call it Phorse, I love plays on words) just doesn’t really have a lot going on for itself. So you know when you get a lot of notifications that happen and you just don’t want to touch it, because… well… look at all the notifications.

Surely, twitter is the only thing I apparently use, emails only update when I ask them to, and nobody calls or texts me.

so when I get a lot of tweets in a specific time frame, I just like to look at this. It’s shallow, but it’s gratification for spending so much money on something that I originally got because I wanted to match my one. She bought a white one, so naturally I wanted to buy a black one. Honestly, if you think about it, it’s pretty cute.

photo 2 (1)But for the most part, this is what I do with my time. You may notice the Stella and the Efing Media website. Don’t worry, I don’t actually drink that often. Only at times when I need to get shit off my mind. Which I guess you could argue that I probably would be drinking all the time, because stuff is on my mind constantly. Aside from the daily grind bullshit, I wanted to concentrate a lot more on my career this year. I have to try after all. But without Bron in my life, it’s actually surprisingly hard. I spend a lot of my time just lost, because of that whole mess that happened. I’ve managed to do well so far though. I got a good team, and this Panel show is coming along. I don’t know how well, in terms of making a TV show, this is the only experience I’ve ever had. I can’t really count my experience of being on Fringe as being anything, because extra work is extra work. Which is something I had to put on my taxes as “extra curricular fun” because I didn’t make enough to call myself “Self Employed” Which according to the H&R Block employee would have SUCKED for me if I had to do that.

Oh yeah, I was behind like.. 5 years of taxes, but now I’m caught up. so everything is cool guys, I’m also getting a lot of money back. Not as much as I thought I was expecting, but I’ve come to learn that I’m getting incredibly disappointed by everything I hope for.

photo (3)Like the RRRrrroll up the Rim to win game at Tim Hortons. What a fucking Croc that game is this year. 1 in 4 chance of winning my ass. I’ve drank about 20 or so cups of coffee since it’s start this year, and “Please Play Again” has been etched into to my caffeine soaked nightmares.

Typically as well, your 1 in 4 chance is really just to get a coffee or a latte. which is kind of crummy, but honestly, it’s the gambling equivalent of a free play. It’s crummy that would would almost have to be addicted to the stuff if you wanted to remotely win anythinggg.

I guess I don’t really care at the same time though, because coffee is coffee. If it wakes me up to start my day then that’s ok. ( Though to be honest caffeine doesn’t really seem to do anything for me anymore. A lot of caffeine as a child I guess? science can explain things that I can’t, but I don’t have the money and time for science.)

Music or Lose it, (#BonusJonas)

There’s this show I’ve started watching based on something that is now the ‘novelty’ of playing classic games. It’s a Japanese show called Game Center CX, I’ve posted the song because it’s something that’s caught my attention, but they’ve only played it for a total of maaaaybe 10 seconds? so it was incredibly hard to find for a while. But I found it, so there it is. End of story.

What the hell am I doing right now?

I’m trying to blog. Fun. I’m trying to blog fun, but My roommate put on “Wreck-it-Ralph” and I want to watch that movie at the same time. I missed the chance to see it in theatres, so to watch it on this big ass TV is the next best thing. So since I wanted to Blog at the same time, the benefit to having a iMac is that I can just move the monitor from one room to the other. So I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. It’s a very interesting take on the villain’s journey… That’s a joke if you need it spelt out for you.

I’m digging the references. Also, this movie has the only Rhianna song that I like. (guess what it is? you wouldn’t be able to. It’s shutup and drive… That is a Rhianna song right? Am I even spelling her name properly?) This movie basically clarifies that I’m a huge dork.

That was a lot to type.. wasn’t it?

Cliffy Notes: (sorry I’m updating after I post)

are you guys excited that this show is coming back? Colin and Ryan being back is amazing enough because those two have worked with each other for years, way before Who’s Line was even a show. all the way back to when they started out here in Vancouver. Wayne Brady, is just as big a plus because of his Musical Prowess and I’m sure Aisha Tyler will be a wonderful host. ~ Can’t wait!

Oh and it looks like that Grocery store around the corner is coming along nicely. I am looking forward to buying food around the corner than walking 40 minutes for two handfulls.


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