The Curious Case of Christy Clark and how the internet will end up dealing with her.

Stephanie Ip, resident Provincieur recently tweeted this. A website that updates the job status of Christy Clark in real time. It’s silly that somebody went out of their way to spend money to create a website, buy a domain, and set up a twitter account for it, But it represents the disappointment that a large majority of BC (hopefully by now) is feeling.

I’ve already discussed before in some length what effect Clark’s attitude has on my career, though not directly. I don’t really go out of my way to comment on something like this with a soapbox because, for one thing I don’t pay that much attention to Politics (Canadian politics anyway) and it’s just never the place to have political views on a blog that complains more about one’s own personal life. So I could be in the wrong for all of my ranting. Then again, stuff like this is still relevant:

She already leaves a bad taste in my mouth due to my perceived notion that she doesn’t care about the careers of thousands of people that help BC be what it is. You wouldn’t think it or care to realize, but the BC film industry is very “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” and the whole idea of the BC jobs plan sounds more misguided, than plausible. It’s nice to want more ‘trades’ to flourish in your province. but it’s equally terrible to shut-off or segregate anything else that has been just as important for years.

with the #memogate for the #ethnicvote, I woke up this morning wondering why this is even a thing. Canada is an incredibly diverse country, and people are people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘ethnics’ were already more than half of Canada. I’ve been pro-liberal my entire life and I honestly find it hard to believe that anybody is that out of touch in this day and age.

The Multiculturalism Minister steps down, and they hold an emergency meeting on sunday, knowing that Clark doesn’t like to save money on groceries and eat her own words. So in true political fashion, she’s finding the best way to bullshit herself out of a tight spot, and having nothing but confidence in what she chooses to ignore.

But as previously stated in the first paragraph, when the internet makes a big deal, that’s not going to look good for you. Claiming to be what’s right for BC and then being in denial over the politics around you, doesn’t make good for the province you want to support. Ethnicity and Film are two really big, really important things about BC. and Facebook/Twitter is responding accordingly.

Jack Layton was probably one of the very few people to understand that the internet is a powerful tool. Hell, compared to everyone else, even in his passing he’s still the only politician that does.

The internet helps you understand everything better, because that’s just the world we live in now. Everything you need to know is one click away because we spend all of our time connected. It’s where all the young voters are. If people sing a song on youtube, if someone makes an adorably obnoxious website about it, we’re only one meme away from hoping she looses her job to someone who understands where the province is coming from.

so let me know, and make a comment if you’ve found any of these said memes.


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