here’s another attempt at rambling in a positive way

So I’ve been to the dentist, and received a root canal. A lot of people say that root canals are the worst thing that you could ever go to the dentist for, and I’m probably half inclined to agree. Only half though.

So to be honest, the guy did a wonderful job. It was 2 and a half hours of what my brain wasn’t registering as unimaginable pain. I was pretty much watching the news in peace which was a story about BB10. The new Blackberry was revealed, and I think I would be super stoked about it, but I feel like I’ve invested enough time and money into my iPhone like an idiot, that I would have to crack my blackberry to use iOS software, if there will ever be such a thing. (I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Oh, but then here’s the part where I didn’t like the Root Canal very much:

They found a third root on this tooth where it’s been clinically proven there would only be a maximum of two. In all of his years of teeth science, he’s never seen such a case. I have a freak mouth. but they only partitioned their time for so long you see. The antiseptic was wearing off and everything was really starting to remember what pain felt like.

So when they melted that filling into place, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I received a brief experience of hell for about 3 seconds.

Root Canals man…. christ.

Second trip was shorter and am now sporting a temporary cap while I wait for the real one to arrive in two weeks.

So that’s exciting. A tooth story.

I was also on anti-biotics for a while, which was suggested that I eat yogurt during the pill taking. One bad batch of yogurt as a child prevented me from thinking it was good for the rest of my life. Which is weird considering how many other dairy products there are out there that I would happily consume. So after the root canal I grabbed a decent size of Activia and got over my childish fear.

After never eating yogurt in so long, I’ve inherently unlocked some idea that yogurt is insanely good and I now find myself craving it at odd times. It’s like I now have a Taste for blood.

Blood that tastes like sugary cheese. 


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