Emotional Grab Baggage

Look, I know it sounds like a really cool Idea, but Minecraft Lego is really just Lego. Honestly, who the fuck are you fooling? What’s baffling is the support it’s getting. What are you going to expect when you buy it? The minecraft Experience? People who play Minecraft in the first place like the Lego-like aspect in the first place. I mean, I sure as hell do. Every time I turn Minecraft on all I do is build. So what about playing with actual lego is going to make you think you’re re-capturing the magic of playing minecraft?

You going to build 8-bit sculptures that you couldn’t already do with Lego anyway? You expecting it to not play like Lego? It’s very much like pulling wool over your eyes telling you that it’s not exactly what it is.

Coommmeee ooonnnnnn.

I’ve been playing this awesome game on my iPhone called Triple town. It’s a cool twist on the old “match three” formula and I suggest anyone give it a play.

Here’s a picture of Elijah Wood’s older brother (he really isn’t) as Superman. Apparently he’s in a bank, probably to stop it from getting robbed. But who needs to prevent robbery when a nearby fan wants a picture. huh? huh?

The New Trailer for the next game in the world’s greatest videogame franchise was released, and we were all better people because of it.

Not exactly a way I’d want to die.

And now I should be sleeping….


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