Alyssa Bereznak is the worst (at blogging)

I’m a little late to the party as usual, because I’m sure it’s already been talked to death on the internet. But yesterday, “Gizmodo Intern” Alyssa Bereznak complained about her love life. More so that she singled him out for being really good at a nerdy Hobby (The hobby in subject is Magic: The Gathering). It struck me as a little odd, after all this was an article being posted on Gizmodo WHICH IS A TECH BLOG.

There’s a demographic that reads the site that is already beyond nerd-dom, chances are there’s a good majority of readers on that site which play/have played Magic: The Gathering. Hell I’ve Played that game! Fuck, I still do! That is a SOLID card game! It’s a part of my childhood! But let’s think about this for a bit.

The thing you eventually do with a hobby, if your really into it, is make it something MORE. Jon Finkel knows this, He’s got a passion for a competitive game that is no different than Chess, or Poker. Alyssa Made the mistake of assuming the worst about him, because He’s a world champ.

I don’t want to attack her here, because maybe she didn’t mean anything by it. She’s since edited Finkel’s identity out of her original post. Which is great, because the damage is already done and the internet doesn’t forget these things. The point is she wrote what sounds like “distaste for nerds” on a blog for nerdy things. there has to be to a connection there in your mind that makes you think “maybe I shouldn’t write my follies on a dating website.” “How does my experience, relate to the iPad 3?” You see where this is going? It’s an act of personal life. You want to write about how you’re bad at dating? There’s a site for that.

This is one of the things where I start having a distaste for blog sites. I hate using the term but it does feel like outright trolling for attention. You can begin to imagine how much hits that post got from flocks of people wanting to post a hateful comment towards the offender. Maybe I just hate seeing it on websites that share some of my interest.

It’s like how I can’t stand Kotaku. Gamers as a collective are always trying to fight the stereotype that was created for us. Being sad perverted losers who don’t accomplish anything with our lives but level up to 99 and save the princess. As many people as there is so say “You know, a lot of us aren’t like that.” There’s always Kotaku to bring it down 20 notches and start system wars, or write about things that could be down right pornography, or even exploit something just because the word video game was used once in a totally unrelated way.

It’s that kind of writing that bastardizes the very core of what we are. If you use a popular website to single someone out, because you can’t look past what makes them unique, then that gives everything about you a bad name. You alienate a good chunk of us, and then all of a sudden your Ok cupid profile looks less appealing.

And hey, if you’re going to write about this stuff, AT LEAST know the people that you’re talking to.


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