Men over 30 shouldn’t play video games: a Yes and No

[The video to the Today show segment is here at I’m linking to that instead of just straight up embedding here because I don’t think WordPress will let me. They’re very picky about their video embeds.]

There’s a certain aspect about the video game culture that seems to get everyone in a tizzy. It’s that anyone who isn’t a gamer doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a gamer. As a gamer myself sometimes I don’t really understand it. See here’s the problem:

Last Friday on ‘The Today Show’s’ Kathy-Lee and Hoda segment, they had Donny Deutsch come on the show and talk about Men things, Men Relationship-y things. The topic of that day was “Should men over 30 play video games?” Deutsch’s answer was simple. “It’s weird.” Then game blogs, and internet forums all over the place erupt in a fit of Defensiveness without actually discussing the topic at hand.

That’s the one thing I don’t really like as a gamer, nobody really talks about these things, there just bitch about it and carry on. I think it’s okay to agree on some things sometimes. Like yes, it’s perfectly okay to play games with your kids, that’s actually passing the torch from one generation to the next in a sense. The Occasional gaming session when you have the time is perfectly acceptable too. The kids are asleep the wife is in bed, grab a glass of water and play for an hour.  The thing I appreciate about portable gaming is that I can scratch that itch on the go when I have time.

Well look, the idea that men gaming over 30 is weird is BECAUSE there’s other things in life that (in that point in time) are more important to you. By then people have serious jobs, wives, kids, houses, serious responsible adult things. The weirdness shouldn’t be that you occasionally play a game at night or when you have time or with your kids. The weirdness comes with the frequency. If you’re in your 30s and above still playing games as much as you did when you were younger (Unless you’re being paid to do this) then it’s weird. It comes off as you not doing anything with your life.

I know I know, it’s a bit of a terrible stereotype. but it’s a stereotype for a reason. Because there’s the majority of people out there that are like that ruining it for anyone else that thinks they have some sort of higher intellect. So those of you who are “smarter that those idiots” cry about it on the internet because you feel insulted. I’m not going to blame you, but a lot vast majority of these people are still children that just hear the words ‘gamer’ and ‘stupid’ then proceed to attack.

If you’re not in that age range, and not even close to getting any serious with your life then it doesn’t apply to you. If you’re in your 30s or above and can healthily manage your hobby with your life, then it doesn’t apply to you. If you’re in your 30s or above and have really done nothing with your life but play video games all the time. then YEAH! That’s weird! you either deal with it (like you probably will) or you look at your life and see what needs changing around.

End of story.


6 thoughts on “Men over 30 shouldn’t play video games: a Yes and No

  1. I definitely agree with you on all counts. As you get later into life, you have way more shit that eats up your time, if you are still doing any hobby as much as you were when you are younger, then those new responsibilities are suffering.

    Even though I am only almost 21, I already see my game time decreasing because I have work, university and a girlfriend now. Luckily I can still stay up late to squeeze in extra game time for now.

    I get the feeling that most people arguing against playing games when you are over 30, probably aren’t even 20. When I wad younger I could easily see myself gaming a ton every day, but real life wasn’t so time consuming back then.

  2. yes! exactly!

    well you of all people totally get it then, as you do have to juggle all these other things in life. I do see myself with no real desire to game unless it’s the evening, and I have just that little bit of free time.

    also living in an apartment with other guys who are usually gaming more than I am kind of puts a damper on things.

    but good Xei, you’re a winner :D

  3. I disagree with both Kathy-Lee and this post. I think if you have time in your life to play and you get enjoyment out of it, then play. Not everyone has wife kids, or other factors preventing the gamer lifestyle. I think its judgmental to say what someone should be doing at a certain age, for instance, what if I said that women over 50 (like you Kathy-Lee) shouldn’t dress like 21yro hoochies and go on TV. Just as wrong

    (BTW Kathy-Lee, your totally NOT pulling it off!)

  4. It shouldn’t be judgmental but it is. It’s mostly how gamers themselves treat those comments that doesn’t make it any better. All I think is Yeah, If you have the time to play then do it. But it’s not something that should take up the majority of your time.

    Even I as a gamer realize that I can’t spend all of my time playing games because I don’t have the joy to not care and sit in front of WoW for half a day. I dunno, if I tried to be a professional gamer, or a games journalist then it’s a bigger part of my life. but for the most part, all it really needs to be is a hobby.

    Even pro gamers that go to evo don’t spend every waking day of their life training in street fighter… I guess unless they were sponsored and paid to. Like StarCraft II gamers get to have residence in a sweet ass Blizzard building. but have to train constantly.

    What I’m thinking is, if you want more out of gaming when you get older, if you want to play at the frequency you used to as a kid then it better be a job. You can just expect to do nothing, have no care in the world and just sit there and game. I if you spend all your time like that by the time you’re 30 then yes, that’s weird. Whether or not The gamers don’t have a problem with it themselves. you can’t just complain yourself out of it if you don’t gain anything from it.

  5. I am 32 and have a full time well paid job a wife and expecting my first child in a few months I play computer games at night when my wife goes to bed approx 9pm if there is nothing on tv I seem to manage to live a full life do all the jobs needed and still sit back now and again and chill out with a movie or bit of Xbox. Does this make me wierd if so I couldn’t care less

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