This is a Transit story

A man who looked like he was better off came up to me as I was crossing the threshold from Expo to Millenium.

“Please, you gotta help me out if you have any change on you, ya gotta give it to me. I’m late for a meeting. and I need to get there as soon as I can.”

On a regular basis I never really carry change on me regardless of the least sympathetic I felt.

“I’m sorry I got nothing,” I replied, “nothing except for these keys in my pocket.” to back myself up I showed him my pockets to repeat the words I’ve just spoken.

Then it’s harder to stay in the realm of belief when a person looks like they shouldn’t be in that kind of trouble in the first place. When they start throwing things at you like “I’ll show you ID to prove that I’m not playin’, I’m late I’m late, I’ll pay you back.” What if the dude had a debit or credit card on him and just didn’t realize that he could use them? that’s kind of how I felt. Also it’s Canada Day, all fares are 2.50! a wealthy looking dude can’t even come up with that? I’m probably poorer than this guy.

Then I think he assumed I was being racist. I don’t like it when people play that card, because as a society we’re past that. So I did what anyone else could have done in that situation.

“I’m sorry, I have nothing to give you. The only think I can offer is that you can jump the Skytrain.”

I know, I know… I’m an upstanding citizen, half way down the stairs to catch the VCC I was hoping he didn’t think I said ‘jump in front of the skytrain.’ and if he was going to pay me back, what were the chances of us ever bumping into each other again? I would that work? would I buy him a transit pass and we would write down each others information, meetup somewhere– JUST so he could give me back 2.50?

That’s not exactly worth it is it?

But I made it home safe expecting myself to have a nap before making my way back downtown. But that didn’t happen. I just sat on the couch and watched TV. Well.. at least I had a shower first. But now I’m sitting here in my favorite coffee shop waiting for the lady friend, calculating in my head the possibility of ever meeting this guy again.

If I do and he notices me, should I ask him how the meeting went?


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