The fusion coalition society (I’ve been drinking)

Today was a phenomenal occasion. For every year that the McRib has reared it’s ugly head I’ve never bothered to go to a McDonalds to check it out. I always feel like I’m doing myself a disservice to that effect. Because I actually go to McDonalds a lot more than I bother to think about, especially during the Monopoly game. AND NOBODY EVER WINS DURING THOSE THINGS. I’ve never known anyone to anyway. Remember how you always want The Boardwalk piece, but it never fucking happens. But then one year, McDonalds changes it up and gives you the Boardwalk piece, but not the other one. Then you spend those first moments feeling confident that you got this in the bag, a week of McDonalds later and you want to die from all the grease.

So What have I been saying? So the McRib is a wash. This is what I’ve realized. Effectively, what it is is the exact same “rib meat” that you can get on a Subway Sandwich. So your better off going there and drenching it in BBQ sauce if you want the same experience. It probably even tastes better at Subway anyway. So needless to say I’m a little disapointed.

The Lady tells me that the Double Down at KFC is also back. To be honest, I’m more excited for that for reasons I can’t explain. Well Chicken is good, but that is disgusting. Ergo, if I only have that once a year. we’re all in the clear.

But I’m sitting here enjoying Corona while she does her homework, and tomorrow dare I say I’ll be looking forward to Canada Day festivities Downtown. It’ll be fun, it’ll be sunny. I think it’ll also be the kind of atmosphere that downtown needs after that ridiculous session of rioting sans Stanley Cup Finals. I think the community could really go for a positive public gathering, especially since most of the idiots have learned there lesson. (Though if they haven’t then I guess all hope is lost.)

I can’t say that I’m up for too much more typing, because the beer has actually made me sleepy for once and am more than ready for bed.


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