Efing Media Roundup: Song and Dance Edition

And a week later the exact kind of thing happens. People gather around to read the Efing Media Roundup. juice up on the insightful commentary and then shuck and jive their way through the rest of the week. I know what I’ve been saying last week. I want to do an all video post one day. I really do! But that’s not this week… Why? No time. Hell I was up till 6am this morning editing a podcast, so I don’t feel pretty enough to sit in front of a camera. BUT, Text is good and people can read.

I’m officially late to the party on this one. Really late to the party. I actually didn’t notice it till Anderson Cooper’s Rediculist Segment. [ I actually, have to comment on the guys uncanny ability to put no emphasis on the puns he’s deliberately making. Dude, Puns are bad you NEED to MILK how BAD they are.] Some actor from lost marries a 16 year old girl. Probably because she was crafted to look like a 30 year old barbie doll or something. But you know what, California is a fucked up place. And whoever that Lost actor is (seriously I don’t know him.) He’s obviously got bad taste in 16 year old girls:

She needs to be grounded.

I’m on board the Chet Haze train, completely ironically. Because if Tom Hanks can endorse his own son’s singing career then it can’t be any worse than Willow Smith.

My favorite quote of the the year goes to Harrison Ford when talking about The Beef, (That’s the nickname I give Shia LaBeouf. because I’m cool like that.) when asked for thoughts about him, Ford was quoted in saying “I think he’s a fucking idiot.” This is another reason why Harrison Ford is probably my dad.

Lady Gaga is in trouble for taking small portions of money that she’s fundraising for Japan Relief. But it’s probably to help herself out from her Bankrupt tour.

Myspace is being sold, and nobody really continues to care.

That’s the only stuff that I found remotely interesting while still trying to keep this post short. Tune in next week for even more nonsense, and I’ll keep you on your toes if it goes video. As usual, comment below if you found something that I totally missed and we can discuss it in a fashion. Ciao for now my fancy readers.



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