Efing Media Roundup: Internet’s opinionators

We all have our weaknesses over the internet. Our Kryptonite mostly persists of how we all become assholes given the opportunity.  This is common internet knowledge. How many internet goers wanted to make a Jackass joke about Ryan Dunn after his fatal car accident? Tasteless right?  Ebert Did… or he didn’t? Then Bam Margera got mad.. I dunno, he explains it on his blog.  But hey, you know what? Let’s not play any blame games here let’s get science to figure this out. OOPS!

Speaking of not being sympathetic, Remember when Vancouver Rioted? After the Hockey game? When the Canuks lost? Well the news is that it was going to happen anyway, but the whole world sees it as sad dysfunctional people who can’t take losing with a grain of salt. To top that off, Majillions of Youtubers, weigh themselves in on the situation and offer their two sense. No I’m not going to link you to any off them, That behavior shouldn’t be encouraged. Granted, I would probably listen if they were there experiencing these situations first hand. But that’s not was youtube culture is about. It’s about sitting around the safety of your house complaining of daily events.

The New Tally Hall CD ‘Good & Evil’ is out, I suggest we all pick it up, have a listening party and then talk about how amazing Tally Hall is.

In other News, Octomom needs to get back into the eyes of the media. Man, for a year I totally forgot about her. The Baffling thing is, the show is called Celebridate. Her a Celebrity? Man, America will Celebrate anyone won’t they?

Lindsey Lohan loves herself because no one else will.

I can’t believe I missed this:

Frankie Muniz, you remember that guy right?

So here’s the thing, I may only do this once because I was thinking about it… but how about one time I do a video update of Efing Media, I have an idea of how I could do it. There’s only the matter of getting around to it, because I’ve been busier with far more important things. If you think it would be a neat thing, then sound off with a little words of encouragement, otherwise You know the drill! Comment below with any interesting news I may have missed this week. NOW, Let’s all go out for drinks! We’ve earned it!


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