The one game to rule them all

I’m making a conscious effort to stay downtown today, aside from the fact that I only ever get most of my own work done when I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop. Today is the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Boston vs. Vancouver! East vs West! So I don’t have to sit here and explain why Downtown Vancouver is the most exciting place to be right now.

I’ve already mentioned how big on the whole Hockey thing I am, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the sights. What I love the most about Hockey, is that is undeniably Canada’s most Patriotic game. That’s exciting for me, because I like incredibly patriotic things. Our Music, Literature, artists, actors, comedians and what-not are some of the greatest things to come out of this country. So even though I know I’m not the biggest hockey fan, the Energy of this City can definitely make me one. (Even if I’ve been cheering for Boston this whole time.)

But let’s talk about Downtown right now. I regret I never brought my video camera today, because it’s definitely a sight right now. The Canucks in the Playoffs is doing for Downtown what The Olympics did for it. It’s not even close to game time, and the Streets are flooded with Blue Canucks Jerseys as well as vintage. Streets are closed off, Police are controlling any chaos that may or may not happen, It’s like everyone has made sure to take the day off and Flood the streets. Kiosks all over the roads passing out Drinks, Hot Dog Vendors Overwhelmingly busy, Large TVs in High Traffic Areas. It’s a block party too big to be contained, and for a lot of people, that’s what we’re expecting.

From what I’ve heard Stanley Cup Riots are synonymous with Vancouver, and since the crowd for every game has been getting bigger and bigger, I can only hope that the Police are ready for some serious crowd control. But that’s kind of why I’m down here, as anti-social as I tend to be, I really like these kinds of crowds, so me and the lady are staying and sitting somewhere to enjoy the game. Where we will be is still up in the air, because there’s so many venues that are already far too packed. My Favorite coffee Shop is actually practically empty right now. I’d think it’s because it’s no where near the high Traffic Granville street. But I like this, it’s kind of like the calm before the storm.

For now, I have things I have to get back to, but I can’t wait to what the most important game in Hockey :)


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