Something else for a change.

To ensure that this doesn’t drift off into the deluded void of other video game blogs, let’s sit back and talk about something else for a change. Apparently it’s been over a YEAR since I last picked up my brilliant idea for a feature and edited it. I’m not the kind of person that likes Romantic Comedies, plus I think I’m a little out of touch when it comes to writing them. But it was a challenge worth taking When Dustin and I walked past the movie poster for “Nick and Norah’s Ultimate Playlist.” That some odd time ago.

When I picked up the 3rd Draft to look over again, I knew that there was a lot of things I now had to do. When I first wrote the Script there was a lot of my personal life reflecting onto it. How I believe things just have to be. Call it therapeutic or nut-bar, in the end I was just writing something and wanting a good story out of it. It was still a little shorter than I’d like and most scenes (that had to deal with women only) felt far too shallow for my level of writing. After putting it off though, I felt as though it was high time to get back to it, and Write a new draft.

See, I want to be comfortable with this script. I want to be happy that I actually wrote something and that I can actually have it worked on. I want to be able to say how awesome something is that I’ve done and actually have it worked on, instead of being optimistic about working on something and having [specific people] crush my poor little artist soul.

So why not work on something that You’re confident is a good idea, regardless if the world around you can’t even pat you on the back?

This is the part where I sigh and think of wishful things, because all this blog has ever been about lately is serious life moments. But I could always just keep talking about video games, Lord knows it would be fun to be paid about Writing things I enjoy.

Seriously, what’s with this bullshit job market and why am I being caught up in it? Another rant for another day… That is… if it persists of course.



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