Pre-Social Club

It usually feels like a bummer when I have the idea to write a Sunday Social Club on a Monday. Because if I don’t start writing it now then the idea with die out, or delude and lose it’s gusto. Frankly the material has been a little week as of late. (but of course I’ll always be my harshest critic.)

In the midst of researching/ scrounging up what I should be writing about, I stumble upon the odd thing. Like how absolutely strange it is to see a review for the “3D classics: Excitebike” a game that’s nothing more than a short handful of time trials, designed to totally 3D your face off on the Nintendo 3DS.

It is nothing more than a proof of concept. that’s all it can be. You could argue that it’s why the game is free for an entire month. You’re basically done with it after 10 minutes.

It does what the old Nintendo version does in the sense that you can design your own stages, and save them, and then let other people play them, but where does it really go from there? No real re-playability. unless it’s just one of those things you pop on every once in a while because you know you can.

It’s funny how I originally write this post thinking how absurd it is to review a game like this and find I have many a thing to say about it. But I won’t give it a score, and i won’t tell you to buy it or avoid it. But for the sake of it’s 3D-ness… I would suggest you just give it try.

you know, because it’s free till July 7th.


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