Things I’m excited for: E3 edition


Last but not least,

This new Resident Evil TAKES PLACE ON A BOAT. Jill Valentine has a partner that you WISH was Barry Burton, and guess what!? This time Chris is Missing. I can only hope that Jill Valentine isn’t as one dimensional as Chris was in Resident Evil 5. Did I tell you that I’m really excited for RE: Revelations?  Because I AM. That’s the Day one purchase (even if I don’t have a 3DS yet.) I’m just really invested in the Resident Evil lore, and I would stop everything just to give it a play. You remember the first trailer Where it looked like Chris Redfield is tied up in a chair with Jill Hovering over him but then there’s another Chris pointing a gun at her? TWO CHRIS’s? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT.

Guys, seriously! let’s all be stoked for the 3DS RE game. It’s Game of the Year! Honestly! That’s all play it! I want to, and so do you! I’m serious!


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