Hilarious right? I find myself watching hockey a lot more than I ever used to? what’s bringing it upon me? Well I live in Vancouver, and Vancouver is in the finals ERGO I am watching just because everyone else is. The funny thing is, I’m not a Canucks fan, I’ve been rooting for Boston for the past 5-6 years, and they also happen to be in the finals too.

Oh? funny how that works.

It’s especially funny, because Lady is a lot more into it now than she’s ever been (because Couver is in the finals) so as of this moment it’s been “I’m a fan of Boston you’re a fan of the Canucks! Let’s see who wins! OH HO HO!”

Boston Lost the game tonight… which is ironic, because within the very last minute or so I was going off on how “OH, I knew it! I knew they’d be going into overtime! YUP TOTALLY CALLED IT— OH WAIT they scored…” Boy is my face red.

But what’s the real news here? I come from Flin Flon. Flin Flon is a hockey town. Whether I want to admit it or not, Hockey is in my blood. Why not though? It’s an amazing sport to watch! I disapprove of people going, “I’m Canadian, and I don’t watch Hockey or drink Beer.” First of all, Beer is a choice, good for you if you don’t / if you do, nobody cares! Secondly, the same goes for Hockey. It’s not a Stereotype. It’s just the one sport we can literally call our own and that’s amazing.

So when people look at me puzzled and act surprised that I like watching hockey really have to get over their ability to not comprehend a person’s appreciation for sport. Sport is awesome! Hockey is fucking cool! It’s as cool as, Basketball, Football, Soccer/Football, Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Dog Shows, etc.

When I was a child my dad used to take me to Winnipeg games. So it’s a big a serious time; Almost sentimental that Winnipeg is getting their team back. I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to go to Winnipeg and watch a game (considering I live in Vancouver.) But if I catch myself watching a game, I will smile and enjoy it.

Much like I’m doing with the Stanley Cup finals right now, Smiling and enjoying it. And whoever wins, I’ll just be proud of liking this sport!

… I have been drinking…


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