friendsheep and comarderdee

This is a picture by Roboto-kun, or Robert Kim to be exact. A phenomenal artist and a good person. From what I know of him anyway… See a long time ago, I was into the whole “webcomic” thing. OMiTACO, Billy Dingo, Lady Yuna, I was all over that stuff… But I was very low key with no actual intention of ever making money off it. I used to hang out in the Megatokyo forums, because at the time it was actually the cool thing to do. (It isn’t anymore I kind of grew out of it when The guy that was Largo broke off from the project, after that happened it got way to dramatic and I was slowly drifting away from japanesey things anyway.) But I meet cool people like Bilious, and Tessa Stone, and MG from the now since defunct (for a while now) Slackers webcomic.

The Slackers Comic was something I jumped on board from the beginning, it was funny and it had a wonderful community, it’s a shame that there are some people I don’t keep in touch with anymore, but you grow out of it I guess. Robert Kim was one of those people, We worked at Slackers Comics together, even though it was indirectly. He was working on a Webcomic called Destiny Dreamers, and I was moderating a comic called Round Robin.

Around the time there was an anime convention coming up in Calgary and I thought it would be a good idea if we both went and participated in a panel about Webcomics. Keep in mind that whenever I have a good idea I never really know what I’m doing when I do it. We did the panel along side people that were much more seriously into it than we were and were actually raking in the monies. So it was a really intimidating experience. But after that, I never really seen the guy again, sure there was the MMO that we all played together, and the comic community we were still talking in, but it never went beyond that.

Hilarious when I hear he had an internship at Nerd Corps a year or so ago, (a place where my roommate works) working storyboards or something. I almost felt like that was a chance to catch up. It didn’t really happen, and that was that.

I think I’m just looking at the situation of, it’s a shame that groups of people that you’ve come to know and enjoy, eventually drift apart and go a separate way. I was never big on that. I like keeping the friends I make because when I was a child I never had any, so friendship and comradery is a very big deal to me.

At least, although I’m now at a distance I can still indulge and support all my old art friends, without all the fun chummy talk.


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