Efing Media Roundup: VERY Special

Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these hasn’t it? Maybe there just hasn’t been much of anything to talk about? Maybe the Rapturerenewed my faith into this, just for today. So, what’s been going on readers? What’s the big news that I’ve been missing? I’ll tell you what your missing out on, (if you haven’t heard about it already.)

The premise behind the CW’s new reality show “H8R” is simple: Take a celebrity’s most passionate “hater,” give them the opportunity to confront said celebrity face-to-face and see what happens.

That’s right, because we need a reason to see celebrities we don’t like stand up to people that don’t like them, but are happy enough to sign a waiver to be on TV about it. It feels like the industry in a nutshell. here’s a clip:

The problem about this clip is that it’s Snooki. She became popular for being an idiotic drunken slob. Even if we don’t know anything about her, that’s the only part of her we ever see. Look, I’m not a scientist but if Snooki were to put two and two together the show should be about her putting a foot up MTV’s ass instead of hoping to knock a guy down a peg and walking away with a bag of money.

And it’s being hosted by Mario Lopez, coyly laughing at the situation in the back of a van with painfully obvious “this tv isn’t on.”? My heart is sank.

Speaking of People I don’t like, let’s talk about LADY GAGA. who just seems to be everywhere all the time thanks to her Monsters Ball tour. From Being guest editor in Chief for the Metro to making a deal with FarmVille to create GagaVille. There’s no stopping the massive product of the music industry, as long as there’s millions of people to buy into it. But I direct you toward this article on Gawker if not for the picture of Stephen fry sitting next to a wax sculpture of a Post Apocalyptic Madonna bullfighter. In it she talks about going Bankrupt (for spending money on silly things?) and how she doesn’t like the whole Comparison to Madonna.

I don’t think she can deny that Born this way  sounds very Madonna-esque! Frankly I would be flattered and say “Thanks for the feedback” to anyone with a comment or criticism. There’s this and a Interview in the Rolling Stones that has me convinced she’s just getting deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of her own Bogus-ness, then there will eventually be no way for her to get out. UNLESS she drops the whole Lady Gaga Schtick and just does music as herself from now on and forever. (Then maybe I’ll think she’s cool, and possibly support her as an artist, because right now she’s bad acting project.)

Plus Bill O’Reilly thinks she’s a Patriot. (because he really wants her to be on his show.)

That’s enough of the round-up today. I don’t think I can get past my distaste for American “Celebrities”.  Snooki and Gaga in one post really took the wind out of my sails. Does this mean that the Round-up is back to it’s weekly fashion though? Don’t count on it. Only when I have the time will this ever happen. So keep tight and calm my lovelies and maybe next time there will be a brighter tomorrow, with happier news.

Oh, and Justin Bieber really likes Stewie.

As always, comment bellow if you want to dish, or even bring up some other horrible news that I obviously haven’t talked about today.


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