An embarrasing start to the end of the world

Many Christians took the time on Saturday to quit their jobs gather together in anticipation to be sucked into the heavens as the rest of the non-Christians stay on this planet and wait for the world to actually end 6 months later. A Rapture as it were, in all it’s glory. People growing skeptic by the minute, confused, coloured foolish?

But it’s not their fault, tis the ramblings of an old codger, Harold Camping. once predicted the end in 1994 but wrote it off as a miscalculation. Which is fine I guess, we can just give it to him, May 21, 2011 seems like a more definite answer anyway. But it’s different now than it was in ’94. Now all eyes and attention are on Camping, thanks to the likes of the internet. A Stronger campaign; ads, websites, twitter, facebook group (probably) this was to a big deal. Too bad it turned up a greater embarrassment.

In a sense I feel sorry for the man, you have to really believe something like that to have it turn out the way it did. Sure, us as the religious-minority Majority can look back at this one and laugh. Point and laugh. That’s what our generation does, now you have the people will talk about for days about how silly and wrong Christianity is. I’m not like that though, I’m not going to waste my breath.

Sure, the idea of the rapture is a joke when you look at it realistically. Christians float to the heavens to be with god, but there’s equally/far more absurd beliefs out there. And I commend the people who still keep the faith about it. The age we live in is far to cynical that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone changed their minds about their beliefs then and there. People gave up their homes, their jobs and pets, excited for a day that never happened? Where do you go from there? Sure get back to the life you knew, but that would have to be awkward for you would it not?

In a sense, I’m a little bit saddened by it, for them. Sure I spent my ‘last moments’ having a party and joking about the rapture. But if it were to actually happen I’m sure I’d be no different. Maybe it would have been exciting? I’m a fan of the idea of an apocalypse, because I’ve never lived in a place of natural disaster and I feel like it’s something I should experience.

So here’s the thing, no rapture maybe (as it is just a christian belief and well.. ‘let’s face it’ : / ) but maybe the prediction of a possible end of the world in 6 months could still happen. Something’s bound to. Global warming, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanos..

The world is just on reset.


4 thoughts on “An embarrasing start to the end of the world

  1. Please, most christians didn’t even acknowledge Camping’s rubbish, and those that did need to read their bibles again.

  2. I disagree. The world ending would suck. I used to live near a volcano; I know these things.

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