Blog Post Guest Editor Lady Gaga

[The following blog post originally used to be pretty cranky. It’s not anymore though, let me explain! Sometimes a build up of things can really change a persons out look on the days around and ahead. But that’s life, you can go for days at a time without a positive experience because you’re working on having lots of positive experiences. The Title about Lady Gaga was a joke in the context of the original blog.

You see, I view lady gaga as a one dimensional act. Maybe she wasn’t like that in the beginning the more and more in my eyes she’s becoming less of a real person and more of a cartoon character and I really despise that. Maybe it’s not even her fault, she’s a tool after all; a product. So take that view point and apply it to other things and I get a little miffed.

But nice things happened on the way back home, and I wanted to edit this post as an effort to getting over it. Take care, talk more later.]


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