Chapter: Cereal/Hot dogs

Sure, it starts out wonderful. music blaring in my head. Left foot, right foot.

But then there’s the sudden loss of direction, not really knowing where to do to get to a specific place, and the rain… why is there rain? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t going to rain today, but it’s doing that… right now!

I filled my iCalendar with stuff all across the board just so I can ultimately remind myself how stupidly busy my month is. No rest for the wicked they say, and I’m getting really sleepy with every monday to friday that passes by. Good things come to those that really mean it, but I usually lack confidence from a result of others around me. So I have the nagging voices instead of pushing me, say “be confident” which I suppose helps, I grew up knowing that wasn’t my strong suit.

Hell… I choked in front of a manager of a comic shop.

places around do say that they’re hiring, or positions are opening up and you just have to take that with a grain of salt. I really can’t worry about these things as they happen. I can’t function well if I worry or over think.

But I realized I never got the chance to start on my voice acting career.

There is a solution to that, pad the walls of my room and start all over with the equipment I currently have. Things will sound a lot better recording onto my mac book then they did my desktop. So what do I do then? Research. Listen to various reels and see what I need. See what I’m missing. Go over the voices I can do, work on them, see if I can come up with new ones. I do a lot of talking to myself on the road of door to door resume dropping off.

You know that most businesses do only the “Apply Online” thing now? You can’t just go up to a place and hand in a resume? I’m literally against that. I Don’t think that’s no way to treat a business. If you can do something by way of physically dropping off a resume and having a physical conversation with an employee or manager, then that should be allowed to happen. It’s unrealistic to deny people that privilege. So now do we not only have people hiding behind barriers, but businesses too?

what a sad world we live in.

As I took the bus passed Brentwood, there certainly was a lot of police cars around the Parking lot. Something terrible must have went down. But Malls must stay open, and people are just going to have to shop around it.

I’m ever positive, although I should be verily skeptic. There’s many places left out there and many more hooks to throw out into that ocean. Regardless, this future of mine is actually looking less and less grim.


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