Another one bites the dust

Forgive me, for the title of this blog seems to be taking this situation in light. To be honest it’s far from it, but before I get to the core of it, let me give you a little opener.

I woke up with a mission to get some things done. Saw some extra work I can do for Thursday and Friday, Got myself a haircut (to get a better look at my balding head), and moseyed on over to the store so I could eat some food tonight. Not the busiest day in the world, but when looking for work you take your days however you can and make the most of them.

The thing that irks me about this next thing is how quickly it happened in it’s small time frame. I caught the bus from Brentwood because it conveniently goes up to the apartment, I would have gotten off then but I needed to go to IGA to get a couple of things first before settling in, so I did just that! An odd assortment of food but good for the time being.

As I was starting to walk home I first noticed [what I thought was] a lone wolf run past some buildings and into the nearby bushes. Part of me kind of wanted to investigate that, but as I got closer to the complex I noticed there was quite a lot of people standing about, outside. They were all standing around talking on phones and looking at this man laying on the ground and this police officer standing next to him.

What the guy really drunk? homeless? passed out, something, I don’t know? it became clear to me at that moment that the man was dead. How did he die? That’s a good question.. a fall/jump from his floor of the building to his death. That’s really unsettling to see nothing from when the bus passed the building, to a man flat on the ground within those 7 or so minutes of that IGA detour.

This hasn’t been the brightest place to live, people have been shot, stabbed, died in the elevator apparently as well. Sure that could probably be the same thing in a lot of different places but it always scares you a little bit when it’s that close to home.

I took the chance to walk back into the building, although it felt a little rude to considering how close his dead body was to the doors of the lobby. It’s taken me a while to shake the image of the mans cold dead face out of my mind. Whatever the case was if he got into a tussle and was pushed or he jumped himself, it scares me in to wondering if I’d end up like that. These years haven’t been too great for me, and people know I’ve been in that kind of place before.

This complex needs a happier community.


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