The Grab bag of Baron von Lylykhousen

[Here is your Bonus Jonas for the day, and it’s bloody well topical. Weird Al made a parody of a Lady Gaga song. One would argue that it’s a spot-on Parody. He asked for permission, she said she needed to here it first, He went through all the trouble of producing the song and she up and says no. The whole story about it is here.

I personally can’t stand Lady Gaga’s music for the life of me. There’s not real meaning behind it. Sure she could write her own material, and one would argue that it’s good. Where when you have a bullshit persona backing it all up, it’s really hard to take seriously. Role Models should be real people, not fictional characters. anyway, here’s the parody:]

I’ve had good news for myself as of late, Someone is actually willing to help me out with the filming of Unman Tir, which is amazing! So I’m going to be spending the day finishing up this draft. It gets me excited from my head to my feet! another was a suddenly great email from people about an audition that was months ago. I can’t tell myself the details about it just yet, but as the phrase “We’ll keep in touch” is any indication. This could be good news. Very very good news.

In the spirit of BAT SHIT MADNESS, This is an hour long. (I endured the whole thing.)

I’m always happy when some of the things I put on youtube passes the 100 view mark. Tangoshimaru is 25 views away from that, which is a shame because it’s the amazing song while ‘Ten bodies on the Dance Floor’ is jokes. In the meantime, another song has been stewing in my mind. So give it a bit to fester and it’ll eventually see the light of day. Being in a musicy mood is really weird for me.

It’s amazing how packed it is Downtown today. The streets, the skytrain… keep in mind that it’s 4/20 today so that means that everyone that enjoys the act of smoking weed is occupying the Art Museum downtown. To celebrate the thing that they do every day of their lives. Sadly I won’t join in on the festivities, Some would argue that I’m just not cool. I would argue that I’m able to express my mind and or relax without the assistance… or whatever other point you could argue.

It’s been a while since I did and Efing Media round-up hasn’t it? man I should get on that. OH HEY, have you guys been enjoying the Podcasts? I’ll make an effort to keep posting them here.


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