So here I am, sitting and watching Oprah.

Yeah, I’m sitting here and watching Oprah alright, fun fact about me: I do that from time to time. I like to when the guests interest me. So that kind of happens few and far between. The last time I did that it must have been years ago. Some sort of “New Kids on the Block” Reunion. Oprah rounded them up and had a chat. I didn’t watch the whole thing, because I had something else I needed to do. (I was in High School… so it was probably homework.) One of them suffered from some sort of Phobia of being out in Public for some reason, and he spent a big chunk of his years after New Kids being a hermit and never leaving his house.

You could see it in his actions, his voice… he didn’t want to really be there that day.

So anyway, I was watching this latest episode of Oprah because it was SNL centered. It had almuni from the show talking about their time being on the show. Or at least it should have been. It felt very crammed if anything. I’m sure if I was in the Studio during the taping it would have been a lot longer and more awesome. I would have heard stories. but nobody got any air time to say anything. ESPECIALLY since Jane Curtin and Chevy Chase were on the show. These two were the start of SNL and I’m sure it would have been the most engaging conversation. but then Dana Carvey (bless that man) felt like he was only there to say something funny. Tina Fey was only there to Plug a book really. and Tracy Morgan…. is just Tracy Morgan.

I know Oprah’s only got 29 or so show’s left, but why does it feel like she’s rushing everything on her show? if you want to make it engaging, have less guests? or don’t fill half the the time with sizzle reels. Have they been like this for a while? somebody tell me. Do the editors just not care? they want to throw things at you and expect you to pay attention, I like good questions and impressive answers here. Wasn’t that what Oprah was all about? Step your game up woman. sure you have the Quantity of 25 years of television and you just go ahead and make your own network. But I’m sure people still want Quality stuff. especially if it’s something as serious as those two minutes of Belushi.

Maybe I’m just mad because nobody has really sat down and did a proper and serious Behind the Scenes look at Saturday Night Live. This shit is interesting ESPECIALLY if it’s about the first years of the Show. Fuck all the other guests, Jane and Chevy are the ones you want.

RRAGRGFSBFAD thanks a lot. you just ruined Happiness Oprah.


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