Provocative Productivity

It’s good today, it almost wasn’t though.

This morning after getting as much sleep as possible from yet another late night, Podcast editing session. I woke up with the mission to put out some applications for jobs. call it a little burst of enthusiasm for the life I want to live. The funny thing is, that almost never happened.

I have a lot of old Efing Media work backed up onto a disc. This was apparently trivial this morning because I have a lot of discs all over the place. (feel free to call me a hoarder of information!) So right now my room is a disaster area of Cd upon CD all over the room, I’m not sure why I have to be so messy to just find ONE THING. Luckily I found it and proceeded to come down here to my favorite waves, just so I can actually get some work done.

So work done I did.

In terms of everything else, I really appreciate the attention I get for this little bloggy space. mostly because I don’t want to treat it about something of my personal life, I choose to be as entertaining as I possibly can. I want this to reflect as a portfolio of sorts so any future business can come my way, whether it be writing,  video, art or even music. While I struggle to work among the living, I’m pretty much self employed here, and I always had a belief in free entertainment. But with that in mind, any small donation you want to make can totally help, and in return I will add more and more A-game to this site and be even more of an entertainment fest. #Synergy

So as you can tell, that donation bar on the side is good to stay, and that’s all I wanted to say.

What will this week entail? I have another meeting this week over website work, possibly another audition here and there. I’ll work on putting up some more video. Possibly even mark the return of the Efing Media Roundup. So as I put things on my plate, I must now be off to deal with them.



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