There’s a story in this.

This morning I woke up with the notion that I was going to do something on Garageband. This is mainly because the night previous I was putting some serious effort into creating something on said program, but an hour of my efforts went to waste and the program crashed; NOTHING SAVED. It was a sad time.

So I went to sleep and mulled on this fact that everything was hopeless for the time being.

The next morning, based off of whatever the hell was going on in some chat room I frequent, the idea for some stupid little musicy thing came into my head, so I put it out there.

The only problem is that my throat is sore.

I spent the morning screaming into the microphone, I don’t know… because I’m stupid. AND… well.. I know, I KNOW it doesn’t make any sense, why I was doing it and what I was really singing.

Also Autotune, and George Clooney. What a Beautiful man.



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