This old dude.

Last night, coming off of a Unman Tir bender for the greater good, (writing man… writing) I had a bit of difficulty with sleeping. You see, I don’t really get a tooth ache. as bad as my teeth probably are, I do try to keep them in good health as best as I can. So it was a total surprise to me to be kept up all night from a piercing agony on one side of my jaw. Top and bottom.

The problem is the nerves in my nose. I’ve been blowing my nose a lot lately because it’s been running like hell. I can’t say that I have a cold or anything, so it’s possible I have allergies or something I don’t know. But when I blow on a constant, or too hard. It starts to get really irritated and just pinch me with pains. Why is started giving me a tooth ache when I breathe through it is beyond me. So I didn’t get a lot of sleep for myself last night.

I had things I had to do today, one was the set my paypal account back up (for reasons) so it required going down to the royal bank and receiving a void cheque. Upon coming back I realized that the bank info was already being used for an account I thought I had lost, but luckily I seem to have found it again. So there’s a happy little donate button on the side of the blog for now. But I do plan on putting that account to use for future endeavors. All I can say is, feel free to click on it and be a good Samaritan in the meantime.

On the way to the bank, Something struck me as a odd Happenstance that I feel like I could have written in a past life. An old man riding his scooter on the sidewalk, parking it next to a bus stop bench, and then proceeds to walk down the road, not on the sidewalk but the middle of the street. I’m pretty sure he was also looking at me funny but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of my attention.


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