There we go

[Today’s Bonus Jonas is Pomplamoose. Their music I always seem to like so much with every new song they release. Well here is Achin’ Heart. I’ve actually had this song stuck in my head for weeks now, so I figured I would come around and share it with you readers. If I still have some… (Sorry, I haven’t been blogging :( ) ]

I don’t have a lot going on this Monday other than I’m going to spend time with my girl friend, and we’re going to look at a 3DS together. Mostly because I don’t want to go by myself for some reason. All I can say that it’s about time I finally get to check on out, being the dork that I am.

Kate Beaton, such a dear. Drew a Fargo like comic of Sheen’s Career.

Have you guys been looking at my picture tumblr? because I don’t update it that often. It has wonderful pictures of things though… like a building from Huatulco.

So, if you guys like videogamey talk I actually write Sunday Blogs about video gaming on Giantbomb called the Sunday Social Club. Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like it wasn’t getting the attention I wanted it to get. Probably because I spent all Saturday writing it and I figured it should get a little attention.

I’ll get around to properly blogging at some point, SOMETHING, but only time will tell.


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