not good..

There must be some sort of benefit to having a simple mind. methodically in the “less to worry about” department. I wouldn’t be able to tell in the beginning, but looking back I could definitely feel like I woke up thinking something was wrong. That’s weird though, I had my day mapped out. I knew what I was going to accomplish so what could it be?

There’s some things or people that irk me, deeply. yet I can’t seem to shake them off. Are they simple? obsessive? am I over reacting? I want to give the benefit of the doubt, for it’s not in my heart to be perpetually mean to someone. It’s actually the hardest to keep reminding someone that you’re not as good a friend with them as they think you are.

[You know… I’ve never had to put up with something like that before… that shit makes me really uncomfortable.]

Needless to say, I’m going to spend the rest of my time downtown worried as fuck they’re just going to be around the corner on me, totally creeping into my personal space with an undesirable rape face all across the board. You’ll never know with some of these people that I’ve gotten to know my time in Vancouver. SO let’s not get my imagination ahead of me.

For the rest of the way here it’s been rather strange… from an observation perspective. The old man with his walk set on feeding birds. wandering the empty street for anything willing to take his feed. Wait… wait bird don’t go! Check it out! this stuff looks tasty! Do you want some? how about your friend?

Further down the street, just around the corner. A kid and his Crony (correct slang?), Driving down the street screaming at people on the sidewalk.

“FUCK YOU, JESUS!” They yell. Frankly I’m flattered they would hold me in such high regard. As they make their escape I have no time to react. A thumb up in the air followed by an equally loud, “THAT’S COOL.” Rewarding him on his efforts to be a rebel.  Exciting life to have, yelling out from a car. and it isn’t even Friday.

It amused me at least, it always does when people think they’re doing something out of jack assery, when it feels like you win for witnessing outward behavior.

So that was a thing, later on walking to the skytrain I see a short chubby girl asking for the time. Horrible teeth, yet braces. I don’t think there’s any saving them but you applaud her for trying. She willingly explains (against mine) that she is waiting for someone that she met on MSN. giving out the details that you didn’t think people would share with strangers.

“He’s 21 but I’m 26? isn’t that weird? I mean there’s nothing wrong with that kind of thing right? You think something can come out of it?”

I really didn’t know how to answer. How can you? I explain that it’s not my field of knowledge to comment on. (but I’ve met people from the internet all the time.) I can only assume that these people would be good enough friends. They would have to be? Though meeting at a skytrain rather than a coffee shop feels so much more anonymous and well… kind of creepy. So I hope she will be okay… or… he will be?

But this is what happened. I was actually more willing to have the intent to blog about Huatulco, taking all the time to collect my thoughts on how I would write it. But I guess it’s going to have to wait for now. I have since calmed down, though the thought of them showing up unwanted and out of the blue still lingers in my head. I think it’s the silence that is really bothering me.

Well… I’m probably over-reacting.


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