To Huatulco

So here I am.. it’s 1:36 am and I’m sitting in an airport waiting for the time to go by. It looks like I’m rather early because the flight isn’t till 6am.. but I’d rather check in with 2 hours to spare, and Skytrains don’t run that early, let alone 24hrs (I kind of feel like it should). Plus since the skytrain taking me from downtown to the airport, is so convenient, I’d rather get here way ahead of schedule and wait then spend money on a cab. It’s just easier that way.

First off, I’m really excited. It feels like forever since I’ve been on vacation, and I’m half deciding if I actually deserve to go or not. Second, my lady is coming with me, even though she gone and broke herself weeks ago. She won’t be able to enjoy the fun that is swimming around, but she’s a trooper. I guess it’s really just our time together in Huatulco, away from everyone and everything that will do her some good (plus my parents). Regardless, I love her for joining me on this trip and I think I’ve said thank you on more than one occasion already.

There’s also the bit in the past 5 hours where I’ve been a little anxious, It’s got nothing to do with flying. It’s actually more about traveling outside of Canada. well, it’s because I just never do it, So I never know how it’s going to go or what’s expected of me. I was the exact same way years ago when I was visiting a friend of mine, in Virginia. THIS IS AMERICA of all places. and it only stressed me out a bit, especially the part where I was stuck in North Carolina for a Night because I missed a flight, then I had to spend an evening in a hotel (that was actually courtesy of the airport) but because there was a little bit of a bump in the plan, this overwhelming feeling of being stuck in a state having no real idea where I was or what was going on really got to me.

I think things are a little different, especially since I’m not traveling by myself, I really think this would have played out a hell of a lot differently if I was by myself.

but this is the story so far, and in about two more hours, we’re about to move to another part of the airport and wait for 2 more hours.

SO exciting!


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