Weather isn’t too subtle today

Hark, It did feel like it was rather lovely this morning. It’s been a weird flux of weather for the most part this week. Sun, Rain, Snow and Wind all at odd intervals. So I’m currently bundled on this home of a couch, and sipping on delicious tea, made even more tasty from the knowledge that I’m sipping it from an honest-to-god, authentic coffee mug.

Reason #4201 why my girlfriend is super cool and reason #213823502 why I should have don’t it before regardless. Mugs are practical. travel mugs (in home use) are for big appetites, and I’m in no sense big. I thanked her a lot for the wonderful gift, she’s really wonderful. She’s always really wonderful.

I’ve been reading “The catcher in the Rye” at times where I’ve felt were opportunities to. It’s an absolutely wonderful book. There’s a lot of things about the main character that reminds me of me. I suppose the way he acts towards things or his observations. It’s all attitude though. He also has a strange way of talking. Saying something about someone, and then agreeing/assuring himself soon after. (e.g. “He’s got a funny stink about him. That guy’s always got a funny stink about him.”) I’m about close to halfway through, which is a surprise for me I think. I’m not really the kind to read books, which is an irony considering how much I read on the internet.

I’m putting my account to good use now, I suppose.

Other things of note:

  • Seeing a friend that I haven’t seen in a while, it was nice to have a sit and chat with the guy. It felt like old times. That’s the one thing I’m happy Facebook can’t take away from me. It’s better to catch up with someone in person, than status update.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of shoes/sandals out there at size 13. what gives, why is everyone so tiny?
  • Mexico it creeping up faster than I’d want it to be. Seriously. I’ll be there on Tuesday before I actually know I’m there.
  • The mall can really tire a guy out after a while.
  • I wonder if I can put a good chunk of time into Dragon age before vacation. I kind of feel like I want to be done with that game.
  • music is always a good idea.

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