Efing Media Roundup: iPad 2? more like iPadENOUGH

So here’s the deal… I made with the devil seven years ago. I get to go to Mexico on the 8th to the 15th and in return all he wanted was an Efing Roundup. (and probably my soul.) So I find myself now, in the awkward position of giving you an update. awkward? did I say that? No I didn’t mean that. But I did have some news for you…

iPad 2 is now a thing. So for apple geeks who can’t get enough of that white delicious, get ready to get rid of the first one you already wasted money on and fork over $500 for one in white. Oh and it also comes with cameras, because you already have a camera on everything else so why not for your iPad. What is it going to take for you to stop throwing your money at apple? DOES STEVE JOBS HAVE TO DIE?

Hey 24 year old Therapist Sarah White, Naked Therapy doesn’t help anyone but your own sick desire. YOU JUST GOT THERAPIED. Now put some clothes on tell me where this problem first originated from. Did your mother used to dress you up all the time? Do you hate her? is that it? I bet you also bought this for your pet. You would Sarah White, you so would.

The biebs’s hair sells for $40K. I wish, I WISH I could say something so hilarious about this that the world dies of laughter and the only thing left is all the 14 yr old girls that don’t get it. But this really speaks for itself.

Yeah… I’m with Corey Feldman on this one.

So by the way in case you missed it, Let’s talk about Charlie Sheen.

In the words of a girl talking to her friends on the Skytrain, “You don’t realize your eyes are closed until you close them.” With Scholars like that we don’t need the internet, so this post is pretty much done. Miss a post? something catch your eye? Make a post in the comments you lazy bastard.


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