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It’s a change of pace this week, Yeah The Efing Roundup may or may not creep it’s way into Wednesday. But Let’s dedicate a special little post to the last great champion of my Generation. Charlie Sheen. YES, I am yet another person that just wants to dig into the magic (or basically not shut up) about the one man that is the bridge between the gap of old and new Generations. Let’s start by playing a little diddy that has brought him into the fold of popularity. (at least in my eyes.) We’re talking about that one song that was his anthem as he waddled over to the pitchers mound to throw some heat.

Wild thing:

What is it about Charlie Sheen that makes him so special right now? Is it possible that he’s just far too messed up on drugs that he can no longer function as a human being? Thus becoming a gold mine for the internet? I for one can believe him when he says he cured his problems with his own mind. (after all… punch, kick right?) Let’s face it, He’s fucking around. He’s enjoying his life no matter how fucked up he’s making it. All these interviews? every single word he’s saying is like a lyric from a beck song.

Who’s to say “Neptune’s lips taste like fermented wine Perfumed blokes on the Ginza line, Running buck wild like a concubine. Who’s mother never held her hand!” can’t legitimately come out of his mouth. Then again, who’s to say “You want to be Charlie Sheen? why don’t you kill me, skin me and wear my face? I think you should at least give it a try if you think you can handle it. But maybe I’ll drop kick you in the balls with a pair of moon shoes I stole off a seven year old when I was three! “

Coincidentally it could be the best new party game. Making up something you think Charlie Sheen would say as an Equivalent to an Aristocrats joke.

But, let’s face it. By now Charlie Sheen has single handedly garnered a lot of attention, just by talking nonsense. This is the kind of thing that the internet feeds off of. Nothing you can do or say has to be in favor or against this guy. He will be a new Meme for years to come, Eventually knocking out Gary Busey as Hollywood’s craziest man. Eventually he can just make a living out of sitting back and pulling sentences out of a hat that he wrote down earlier that morning, and our obsession over the completely bizarre concept that is celebrity can continue.

Well let’s look at it this way, you can take it two ways. His Brain is either fried (which is probably the obvious choice/ what everyone wants to believe) Or he is seriously fucking around with people because he’s giving them what they want. That’s probably the part that I believe, or could be my own cynicism at play.  You look at the youtubes, the blogs, the twitters, the facebooks and the newspapers, and notice how much of a flavor of the week it is right now. But it’s from this point into the future to see how much of him is going to stick around in the Insanity Bureau.

Whatever the case, I expect to see him in a lot more movies now and finally be done with Two and a Half men. (because he can do better.)


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