The Different Kinds of Actors

Over the weekend, I had a day of going to things and looking pretty/saying lines. Such a life for me, I know. I being rather skeptical about my choice in life sometimes, but the auditions always seem to put me in a better stride if I can at least knock something out of the park, if only a little bit…

I guess you would also think that part of the charm is knowing about all the other people that frequent these auditions. First off, yes! You know you could be shallow enough to say that there are two kinds of actors. The one’s that want to work, and the ones that want to be famous. but upon further inspection you can see that it actually goes into deeper categories. Mainly because the original two types are already a given.

With the amount of people there, it’s really easy to tell which ones are which. The ones that take it seriously, the ones that are clearly new, the ones that just want quiet. I’m going to go ahead and let you know, that I’m usually the one that just wants Quiet. I need to be in my head and prepare. I can’t be one to dilly dally and chat it up with others before I go in there and knock the walls down.

Out of the whole bunch, there were two incredibly prominent types that day. The ‘funny’ one, and the ‘everything is beautiful’ one. Naturally, there actually isn’t anything wrong with the funny one, because that’s just how they cope with things, they are chatty, usually chatty in the sense that they make a lot of jokes, hence being the “funny” one. Sure, I get it. I was once in those shoes myself, but only when I was in acting school. I managed to get a lot of that shit out of my system. I also learned it’s just courteous to leave other actors to their own devices before they go and audition. You’re not a buddy-dude, and not everything that comes out of your mouth is gold. You’re just one person in the same boat as everyone else and not anymore interesting than that. Case closed.

The ‘everything is beautiful’ guy is either a truthful person or fake.  Usually I’d have to go with them being fake, so it’s rare to find someone that is actually like that. From my experience a lot of actors think they’re ‘centered’ or ‘one with whatever mantra they think they have.’ It’s fine, but it’s bull. It’s an artist mentality yes, but it usually comes from people that probably need a lot of work. Luckily enough, The person there was a real person in this regard. to him the day was so beautiful and acting is so pure, and “The Stanislavski method is just such an amazing, eye opening experience.” sure I’m not going to knock it, Method acting can get the job done. I can’t say that I fall head over heels for my work. I’d be stuck at the door in awe of every single thing that I spot in my line of sight.

It’s hard to not be cynical about these situations because I go to these things as if it were a job interview. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a moment where I’ve felt like jerking around. I’m too busy being the actor that just wants to work.


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