The internet is a weird place, where weird happens

*dusts off the olde soapbox*

I’ve had my fair share of internet dramatics in the span of my lifetime online. It goes without saying that there will be moments that get to me, even if I really don’t have any emotional connection to things (most of the time.), but that’s the power of words for you. suffice to say. I guess something happened over the weekend, that rubs me in that way, and it’s weird.

But come on, I’ve been an introvert all my life and have spent some time in-front of my computer connecting to people on a regular basis that I have no real connection with. But the benefit of using the internet is getting to know someone, personality alone. The bread and butter of how a person thinks, or behaves. or would like to? It’s the internet, people can be fakers.

From time, I’ve gotten to befriend people, and meet people that disgust me before ever having to meet them. Isn’t technology fantastic. But it’s always the weirdest thing when someone in a click decides they’re done and moves on. It strikes me as odd, because your never far away from people with something like the internet. everyone is occupying the same space, just looking at different windows. So it’s weird to say, “I’m leaving but I’ll always be around.”

I don’t really think I know what I’m talking about because I’m tired and want to sleep, but I’m going to look at this blog post the next morning, wondering what the hell, but I won’t delete it because there’s no point.

I know I can’t except the terms of service policy for someone to avoid different websites to go to others. You can’t not go to places that you know about, even I’ve gone to places like Facebook once in a while, and I know I never like going to it every time I do. But you know what, Friendship, that lasts forever. Regardless how well you don’t know a person. At least you figure you know them well enough to trust them… until they start going really creepy on you.

But I’ve only met one person who ever was, so my track record of internet people actually being ok, is pretty good.


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