Efing Media Roundup: Nothing says I love you like a gun to the head

Good day to you sirs! It’s a gloomy day in Vancouver, so that’s the perfect time to read up on some news. But I’m sure you’re still excited from all that Grammy stuff right? Lady Gaga was an egg, Justin Bieber didn’t win, and nobody knows who Arcade Fire is. I’d say that was a successful weekend… FOR THE COMPLETELY IGNORANT! HEYYYOOOOOO


Speaking of Lady Gaga, a lot of people are speculating that she’s a copier. Her latest single ‘Born this way’ sounds an awful lot like a Madonna song. So is she channeling the spirit of a Material Girl? look at her. Probably. I still stand by it when I say Lady Gaga is a product, not a person. She is going to be whatever she has to be at any given time. But if Her Music has to evolve to a different sound and style she’s going to have to keep up with it visually as well. You can sing a deeply moving Ballad as a cupcake and expect to be taken seriously.

Billy Ray Cyrus is a afraid for his daughter… No shit.

So that Jeopardy playing Computer was on Jeopardy winning up a storm. practically beating his other two human opponents in an upset, except for the FINAL JEOPARDY. It got really confused and couldn’t figure out the answer. Seriously Watson? Toronto? I thought you were smart. turns out, you’ve just been guessing the whole time!… really… good… guesses.

Hey guys! Guess who probably has a Shitty Valentine’s Day! Frankie Muniz’s Girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow. They had a crazy ass argument! He got violent, Punched her in the head, then put a gun too his own. (all this according to a police report she filed) He spent some time in the hospital, gave a “psh, NO! this is what really happened… statement. and then the next day, it was an awkward Dinner together for Valentine’s Day. hahaha? I love you? please put the knife down.

Okay Baby cakes! Your lovingly quick Efing Roundup is over. Carry on with your week! did I miss something interesting? Throw it in the comments, kids. Till Then, See you next roundup!


3 thoughts on “Efing Media Roundup: Nothing says I love you like a gun to the head

  1. According to police reports, Frankie was quoted saying that he was putting the gun to his head to summon his persona. Police were baffled by the statement and decided to throw Frankie into the television. Case closed.

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