In the spirit of love

I am not a romantic, I am a hopeless one. I wear that with pride. Well, maybe not hopeless in the sense you would think. I’ve lived my life through a lot of unconventional standards and relationships are probably one of those things that I go about strangely.

What is love? baby, I never used to know for the longest time. I always found myself searching for it. Even being in the relationships I was in. There was always a certain air about what every girlfriend would and wouldn’t let me be. For one thing I am rather childish and simple minded at heart. complex and intelligent, but simple things are pure. A walk in the evening, a gazebo, a jigsaw Puzzle, cookies and so on…

You can do simple things with just about anybody. But with the better half, the enjoyment seems to be multiplied. I recorded a video of ‘actor acting’ that I actually forgot to put up, but the process was a adorable, she talked and I worked off of it. We write stories together when the air is perfect, we cook, we clean, we are in all-intents-and-purposes a couple.

Now this is the thing, I know my search is over. I have reached that stage in my adulthood where I’ve found what I’m looking for, and coming up is Valentines day. I’ve never done anything like this before. At most the highlight of my Valentine’s day was sending an e-card (that I made myself) to a lovely girl in Florida, with the internet handle Anniver. Whatever she’s up to now I wish her well. But let’s go forward here people, this is the real deal.

At first, it was Greek, this fancy restaurant that I’ve had my eye on for months. That’s where I’ve wanted to take the miss. Dress up nice, Dinner… afterward maybe a walk by the beach. Due to unforeseen events, that has ceased to exist. This would have been the highest point of my romanticism. Since it was a bust, the option is to stay in, and that’s when I had a back up plan.

See, the point of this blog is about, how I can think of some what goofy things to be rather romantic. I’ve always wanted to have a quiet evening, under candle-light, and back to back round of competitive Mario Kart. but not just any Mario Kart, I’m talking about dusting off the Super Nintendo, and playing some classics.

I figured I could be really romantic about it. There are always other options, it’s not a total loss. But I think what I’m getting at is… Sometimes the most romantic evening, the night where we can relax and just be.



even if there will also be candles, wine and mood music.


3 thoughts on “In the spirit of love

  1. i had a wonderful Valentine’s day. just seeing you makes my heart leap up <3 <3 <3
    you are my One.

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