Efing Media Roundup: Wedding in 3D

And thus begins another day of taking news from other sources and pasting them on here. The sun is shining and the clouds are covering it up, So it sounds like a beautiful day. A beautiful day for NEWS!

First, let’s start the show with a show stopper. It’s only fitting to have something like this, as with the theme of 2011. Here’s a video of what looks like one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. No this isn’t a teaser for the next ‘Ghostbusters’ movie. It’s an amazing adventure into our unknown demise. But I never would have guess that the Egypt riot would be the first sign.

Sad News for those who wasted money on a 3D television set and Love watching Weddings. The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will not be televised in Three Dimensions.  I’m puzzled as to why this would have to have been an option in the first place? It seems like the need to make use out of 3D technology means recording anything just to make use out of it. But if they did follow through, I would hope the entire wedding was choreographed to pop my eyes out of my head.

They zoom in crazy close as the ring finally goes on the finger, and explosion.

Want to get into the Valentine’s Day Spirit but don’t have much cash? Oh you really don’t? Well how about a gun? You do? WELL SEND IT IN! Alabama Sex Shop gets into the right idea this Valentine’s day, where you can trade in your tools of Violence for products of Sexing.

Usually when kids do something like Skateboard, Roller Skating, Snowboarding, Water-boarding, Hop Skotch, Jump rope, Pog, BMXing, Marijuana, Parkour, Drifting, it’s because it’s considered cool.

Is it just me or has it really been a slow news day? I sitting here reading an article about Obama has quit smoking for over a year now. Maybe I need more sources? Kieth Olberman is going to Current TV too. Do people like that guy? May your rest of the week be Merry. And I’ll catch you next time. Or follow up soon after with more news.

Remember the drill, Comment at the bottom if you think I missed something worth note.


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