unman tir. notes i

“Where exactly is this place?”

I what the answer was going to be, but that was the only question I couldn’t get out of my head. This place, everyone always seems to have their own version of it. Complete and Utter Emptiness. Anything you’ve always dreamed of. Solidarity, Peace. It seems to be a lot of these things.

When I asked the tall Dark Coated man, all about it. He never really wanted to say anything. All he told me at first was “The World is what you make of it.” I don’t know what he means by that, but I’m sure in time He’ll explain it all. That much is true because he keeps leading me somewhere.

There has been nothing for miles though…

Is this really what the afterlife entails? A continuous space and an unfriendly guide? Or is this really all up to my own thoughts? what’s stopping me from imagining what’s beyond this horizon? is there others? animals? people? The man ensures I’m alone.

I really don’t believe him though.


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