I don’t want to go deeper.

Sunday was an amazing day, as it should be.

Hanging out with lady in the sun room for a day, uninterrupted. Music and musing, a story and pictures. Groundhog day. Food and Dishes washed. I know I’m not the kind of person that never asks for much, but I know why. This is all I need.

Sleeping later was albeit a bit strange. I feel like I’ve never had a dream in a while, but the first one was very much a dream I had two nights ago. There are two floors in a white space. One just as white and the other dark as night. in the middle of it all were three people. A Chinese woman walking with a child in hand, and who I assume is her older son walking ahead of her. They are walking from the white floor to the black.

In the black floor were tens or hundreds of long bony hands. ready to grab anything and pull them under. Was this going to be the fate of the family walking forward? A sudden sensation of being pulled prompted me to wake up.

I found myself drooling, I wipe it off, I go back to sleep.

The second dream was maybe a bit inception inspired. Yet I admit that I have not yet seen the movie. All I can remember is bits of the city up in the air, but these were clearly glitching out, as if it was the Matrix. Then something about being lifeless and having rag doll physics.

Good week to you, readers!


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