Oh technology

I may have talked about my disdain for keeping up with technology before. (I can’t remember, nor can I find it in this archive of words.) There are just some things I’m reluctant about doing.

I used to embrace Facebook because of how easy it was to stay connected with people. You’re still having conversations will all and having a good time. But then you realize just how ugly it is and the people that use it. Turned off by all the things it offers, and the friends you supposedly have. So I think, in order to keep my attention to people in general I had to get off of it.

Originally I looked at Twitter the same way, but really just use it to promote myself. So I don’t necessarily pay attention to what others have to say most of the time. I find it strange whenever somebody follows me, but hey “whatever flies their boat.” But then you have all these other social media things that don’t really make much sense from an average person stand point. Formspring.me is such an example.

The concept is rather simple, Someone asks you a question anonymously, or from one profile to another. Any question you’ve ever wanted to ask, or just ask for the sake of asking. This is one of these weird kind of middle man concepts, giving the user the idea that it’s ok to ask questions here, because REALLY WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU ASK QUESTIONS!? That’s why it doesn’t make sense to me from an average person stand point. from me to you, it’s a novelty. To anyone that has too much other social sites, or even uses email, it’s a novelty.

Granted I can’t really take something like this seriously even though a lot of my answers to things end up being more serious than I was hoping they would be. maybe I’m being apologetic in the wake of my snarky behavior. I’ll give you an example.

Who was the hottest Sailor Scout?

Right? seems like a silly question right off the bat. It’s probably a representation of the average question one would get on Formspring, but at the same time. I used to watch Sailor Moon a lot. Summers as a child when there’s not much to do, and that one of the first cartoons in the morning I’d watch. and YEAH, I did pick my favorite scout out of the bunch, IT WAS MERCURY. that’s right, “Sailor Mercury, because she has low self-esteem.”

It’s weird, because the answer goes a lot deeper than that, and I ended up talking about it later in full detail.

I have a complex where I feel like I can be as helpful as I am loving to women with low self esteem. I don’t know, there’s something attractive to me and bout being reliable? a pillar of love and helpfulness? That was actually the problem with a lot of my previous relationships because yes, these were the kinds of women I was going out with. It took much more of a toll on me mentally than I thought it ever could. It also eventually lead to my depression.

The complex is still there, granted my current relationship is better (for everyone involved.), and I know I can function without the constant need to help her, but that doesn’t make Sailor Mercury less attractive.

See, and I figured my answer wouldn’t be all that serious.

[If you really feel like you want to use this service and ask me a question, and the fact that I signed up for me that I’m reluctantly going to use it so go for it! The link is on the side of this blog after all.]


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